Bed and Breakfast

Spend some time in the country surrounded by nature’s bounty.

Sedately rock the afternoon away on the verandah.

Stroll arm in arm around the pond.

Sigh contentedly…

Sleep deeply…

Cottontop offers bed and breakfast rentals in conjunction with booked events. Contact us for availability. The main house at Cottontop offers six bedrooms and includes a continental breakfast. Other meals can be provided with prior arrangement.


“King Cotton”           1 king size bed with Jacuzzi tub           $160.00/night

“The Egyptian”        1 king size bed with full bath                $160.00/night

“The Peruvian”        2 antique full beds with full bath          $160.00/night

“The Sea Island”     2 antique full beds with full bath          $160.00/night

“The Whitney”         1 antique full bed with toilet and sink  $150.00/night

“The South Room”  2 antique full beds with sink only         $150.00/night


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